Rent Southern California IDX Website for only $39.90!

If an eligible item that you’ve bought online doesn’t arrive, or doesn’t match the seller’s description, PayPal’s Buyer Protection may reimburse you for the full amount of the item plus postage. Buyer Protection can cover your eligible online purchases, on eBay or on any other website, when you use PayPal. Conditions apply.

More about Buyer Protection.

Monthly fee for IntRE service includes:

CRMLS Search for your IntRE website; Searches per day: unlimited;
20 minutes refresh period; 5Gb hosting;
200,000+ listings at your IntRE website; IntRE plugin free updates;
E-mail service; Free technical support.
Free Installation!
Rent it for $39.90!


Payment information:
Onetime payment for IntRE website – $89.90 (including installation, connection to CRMLS Feed by IDX, MLS search).
You are purchasing the website, therefore it becomes your property – You will be able to make any changes, edits, additions, etc.
Monthly fee is $14.90 or prepay it for 12 months and save almost 44% ($99.90) The fee includes hosting, MLS search, IntRE updates and IDX service.

If you decide to RENT the website, the monthly price is $39.90 and includes all fees.

Yes you can.
If you need a new website, we recommend you get it from We feel they are the best.
We usually answer this question by saying “we can move as fast as you can” – Once we get your data and payment, we can launch your new site in 24 hours.
YES! It is complete, personalized and ready to go!
You can order a completed personalized Real Estate website for $89.90* with monthly subscription only for $14.90!
Our standard terms are monthly billing and you can change your product or cancel at any time. You can also save your money by signing up for an annual plan.
Hosting fee is included to monthly subscription fee.
IDX service is included to monthly subscription fee.
*the price $89.90 understands the site acquisition is fully analogical to the represented on a demo-version.
Only the contact data of the realtor agent or agency, logo and image will be changed.
Yes you can.
You can pay for your purchases either directly via PayPal or, if you do not have an account, with bank cards via a special payments interface of PayPal.

You can make the payment with a bank card:
– Master Card
– American Express
– Discover Network

Yes you can.
You can make any changes at pages (add, modify, delete etc.) by yourself.
It’s WordPress CMS, Avada premium theme. One of the major reasons why WordPress was developed was to give website owners power over their websites/blogs without having to pay a website programmer a lot of money to setup and maintain a site. WordPress is easy to use once you get the hang of it.
Here you can find «User Guide» for Avada theme.
You can also hire us for this service.
Our rates: $20 / hour.
In order to deliver the most up-to-date data to you and your customers we update the data once every 20 minutes.
In some cases, property photos may take longer as they are not immediately available to us. However, they will be added automatically once they are available.
Indexable IDX stands for Indexable (can be seen by Google and the other search engines) and IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange (in real estate this is the MLS – Multiple Listing Service). We have our own indexable IDX plugin that we call the IntRE. We put it on your site to give you the ability display 1000’s of CRMLS listings in a way that search engines can “see”. The difference between a real estate website with an Indexable IDX and one that doesn’t could look like website A having 30,000 pages findable in Google versus website B having 25 pages findable in Google.
Property Alert is an email notification program that automatically emails your clients when new listings that match their listed search criteria come on the market. The service also enables prospects to easily save their property searches as well as track the status of their favorite listings.
Yes you can.
Before the implementation process just send us your pictures and text and we’ll add them to your website for free.
Yes you can. It’s free for first installation.
You can pick from a wide range of pre-existing color schemes.
We are a company which is registered in the European Union (Lithuania).
Not India, not China, not Vietnam.
Please have a look at live samples and testimonials.

Europos Prekybos Tinklas, IĮ
LT-01108, J.Savickogo g. 4,
Vilnius, Lithuania (European Union)
Registration code: 03191154

We also have our representative in USA, Alfredo Ruiz capable of answering any questions and ready to help you and easily reachable, toll free at (800) 559-5729

Any questions – please feel free contact us.

We offer 30 days “Money back guarantee” without any questions.

You can order your own IDX WordPress Site with Avada theme today by completing the IntRE application form online after payment.


I’m so happy to work with Alfredo and Alexander. In order to make my website visible and valuable, I have thought to upgrade my website for a while. I’m so lucky to find INTRE after studying. INTRE is great, I’d like to share my domain with my friends. It is the most important thing that INTRE provides their reliable service.
Jason Chiu,
Feisunchi Inc.
I’ve been looking for a way to integrate MLS into my website for a while now. Alfredo and his team made the process quick, simple and cost effective! My site is beautiful and functional. Thanks so much for the great work! I’ll been referring others to you.
5 Star Rating, service is superior and the website is as professional as it gets.
I absolutely enjoy my website.
Thank you for the service, I do appreciate it.
Noel Sena, Broker/Owner,
A.S.K Brokerage

I am delighted with my new website. The feedback I have received from clients going to my new site is overwhelming! They love it and as a result, they are spending more time on the site and we all know what that means in terms of dollars! I highly recommend this site and this company. Excellent service and a quality product.


You must be a member of any Association from the list >>> (check it)

If you can’t see your Association at the list please visit this page >>>

Rent: $39.90 – all included

Monthly fee or any package for IntRE service includes:

– California CRMLS Search for your IntRE website;
– Searches per day: unlimited;
– 20 minutes refresh period;
– 200,000+ listings at your IntRE website;
– 5Gb hosting;
– IntRE plugin free updates;
– E-mail service;
– Free technical support.

Application form

Monthly payment

You can cancel it any time

Choose your domain

Website Application

Please fill out the form below after your payment.

You must be a member of any Association from the list >>> (check it)

If you can’t see your Association at the list please visit this page >>>

Please download, fill out and send us back the CRMLS IDX form.

Download CRMLS Request form for website

Please fill out the form and attach your personal image (600 pix width minimum) and your logo in *.PNG format with transparent background. Don’t have a logo? – we’ll make it for you for free.
We’ll install your website during 24 hours after the Application and payment receiving.
Any questions? – Feel free contact us via email or online chat.

IntRE Team
Europos Prekybos Tinklas, IĮ – Official vendor of CRMLS

You have to fill out the form below and send us with attached CRMLS request form (see above “red” button)

    1. You have to fill out the form below and send us.

    11. You have to change (A) record “Host” (“@”) for your domain name to:
    CName record «www» must be set as «@»

    21. Please attach your personal image (if any)

    22. Please attach completed CRMLS form for your website

    23. Please attach your logo in PNG format with transparent background (if any)


    IntRE IDX website advantages: WordPress + Avada

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    Multiple menu locations, Fusion Mega Menu with widgets, menu positions, customization options and more.

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