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I am delighted with my new website. The feedback I have received from clients going to my new site is overwhelming! They love it and as a result, they are spending more time on the site and we all know what that means in terms of dollars! This site is so visually beautiful, interesting and easy to navigate that my clients have forwarded the link to friends to have them use it as well.
A website is one of the most important aspects of the business. If the client is having a positive experience, they will return to the site again and again and this is what I have encountered with my site.
Another important aspect of the website is the on line support. I have to say that my personal contact Alfredo Ruiz has been amazing. I receive prompt e-mails regarding any changes or questions I have pertaining to my site.
I highly recommend this site and this company. Excellent service and a quality product.

I’m so happy to work with Alfredo and Alexander. In order to make my website visible and valuable, I have thought to upgrade my website for a while. I’m so lucky to find INTRE after studying. INTRE is great, I’d like to share my domain with my friends. It is the most important thing that INTRE provides their reliable service.
Jason Chiu,
Feisunchi Inc.
I’ve been looking for a way to integrate MLS into my website for a while now. Alfredo and his team made the process quick, simple and cost effective! My site is beautiful and functional. Thanks so much for the great work! I’ll been referring others to you.
5 Star Rating, service is superior and the website is as professional as it gets.
I absolutely enjoy my website.
Thank you for the service, I do appreciate it.
Noel Sena, Broker/Owner,
A.S.K Brokerage

I am delighted with my new website. The feedback I have received from clients going to my new site is overwhelming! They love it and as a result, they are spending more time on the site and we all know what that means in terms of dollars! I highly recommend this site and this company. Excellent service and a quality product.

I worked with Alexander on my IntRE website and I was very pleased with the service I received.
It was a matter of minutes for him to deliver the website along with any additional request.
I LOVE my new website and I know if you do business with them you’ll LOVE it too!
Thank you Alex!
Highly recommend!
Stephanie Ferrato,
Macken Realty
IntRE Miami service testimonials
In 11 years of being in RE business and going through many website providers and developers I was fortunate to find these guys.
They are by far the best Real Estate site developers I’ve seen and at the fraction of the price. Unbeatable functions, easy to manage and real 24/7 support. Thank you guys! My site never looked as professional as it is now.
I just wanted to thank you to IntRE South Florida to creating my amazing website. I couldn’t asked for anything else. They were extremely fast and with amazingly quick responds with my emails. Price to create your own website couldn’t get any better. Instead of paying $2,500 to less than $200. I highly recommended to anyone. Thank you all very much with your help and support.
Erson Gurson,
Macken Realty
Extremely happy with the Service, Value and customization of my new website. The customer service is top notch. I submitted all the requested information on a Sunday and by Monday morning my custom professional website was up and running. Alex and his team of developers are the best and an absolute pleasure to work with.
Thanks again!
IntRE Miami service testimonials
Great responsive website, great value and terrific support. I highly recommend an IntRE to all my colleagues.
Jesus M. Fernandez,
Morris Williams Realty
IntRE Miami service testimonials
I am really impressed with the quality of the website and the service provided! I highly recommend your services!!
Dennis London,
London Realty Corp.
IntRE Miami Real Estate WordPress website service testimonials
Great functional websites for us, Real Estate professionals with an excellent Customer service. Highly recommended!
Bruno Portelli,
Vivrinvest Floride
IntRe WordPress website for Miami Realtors - testimonials
Great WordPress website for Real Estate professionals. Customer service is very responsive and efficient. Great value!
Antoine-Marc Biccherai,
Sterling Equity Realty, LLC
IntRE Miami service testimonials
Great! Love the my new professional web site. Will recommend you to all my team of realtors!
Irina Vasserman,
Atlantic VIP Realty LLC
IntRE Miami service testimonials
I have found the support team to be very responsive to any requests or concerns related to my website.
Terrence Brewer,
Avant Realty Group, LLC
IntRE Miami service testimonials
Great service! Beautiful and easy to use design and fast responding team. I recommend this product!
Mila Nazarenko,
Highlight Realty Corp
The next Go Daddy of Real Estate Web Designers!!!
IntRE Miami service testimonials
Great website for Real Estate international companies, as a owner / broker I have a great website for my clients and great costumer service. I highly recommend your service!
Great job !!!!
Thanks InRE Project for your very quick and professional job !!!
IntRE Miami service testimonials
IntRE , Wow! Excellent technologia, customers services.
Very happy, I love my new website . Thank you Alexander!
IntRE Miami service testimonials
Amazing website for Real Estate professionals with excellent Customer service. Highly recommended!
Norma Gonzalez & Tito Camacho, Investeam Realty
IntRE Miami service testimonials
I switched from another Website to Intre. I’m so happy I made the change. The customer service is fast and extremely efficient. I use my own website for quick searches sometimes more than the MLS. Thank You Alexander!
IntRE Miami service testimonials
I am very excited to have found such a simple way to get all of our projects on one site. We specialize in condo development sales in Miami and I would totally recommend Alexander and his company.
IntRE Miami service testimonials

It was a great pleasure to deal with Alexander from IntRE . My site was up within hours, fully operational and looking great! Thank you so much for your professionalism and good pricing!

Danny Turetsky,
First Miami Realty
IntRE Miami service testimonials

It was a pleasure working with a great team like intRE that cares with professionalism. My site couldnt be looking better and it was done in a fast and efficient manner.
Thank you for all you do Alex and team!

Elizabeth Kom,
Elizabeth O. Kom, PA.
My new IntRE website is a dream come true!
I was apprehensive at first because I could not talk with someone on the phone, but then I was put in touch with Alfredo. Between Alfredo and Alexander, and 24 hours, I had my very own website! My phone rang constantly as soon as my clients found it; they were so impressed! The functionality and efficiency of the website is superb!
Great work! Affordable! Easy to use!
I am spreading the word every day!

This is the best website so far I have purchased.
You can spend thousand of dollars for the same website with another company.
Great price, friendly, fast responses all your requests until you are 100% satisfied.
Highly recommend all real estate professionals.

IntRE Miami service testimonials
Alexander is #1 in designing Real Estate Websites. He definitely worked hard for me and did not stop until I was absolutely satisfied! Very personable, great professional He comes highly recommended… I could not be more pleased with Alex and his team and his commitment to ensure complete satisfaction. Very experienced. I am absolutely happy with the final result, it will improve my business, tremendously.
IntRE Miami service testimonials
I am super excited with my website and service IntRe provides.
Very professional team and responds to my questions almost instantly!
The website is easy to navigate and looks professional.
I would highly recommend to all realtors without hesitation.
Very happy client.
IntRE Miami service testimonials
Very pleased with this outstanding RETS website very easy to navigate. I highly recommend my fellow real estate professionals to look for similar real estate website to grow your business.
Dear Team (Alex, Alfredo, Anna, Max):
Thank you for fast & great service and congrats for your hard work with this true portal search engine..! You really have created a powerful platform to search all the corners of the MLS data, providing very intuitive interfaces, fast and easy access to listings (I am using the Advanced Search features of my own web site more often than the Matrix & Fusion MLS sites!). The complication and time consuming access of using these site do not compare with the ease of use, speed, GUI and great price offered by IntRE..!
I had in the past some fancy pages with lots of features, bells and whistles (about yourself) that nobody cares, but missing the importance of the powerful search tools you provide for the clients..!
Mauricio Gaviria, P.A. ,
Exit Realty Synergy

I would like to thank Alfredo, Alexander and Anna.
Your service is unparalleled. I have had the best experience working on any project online.
I was very hesitant because i could not speak to someone but it turns out that Alfredo is local and was able to help all my needs. I was chatting and emailing Alexander for all the work that had to be done on the website and the response time was amazing.
Work was done with quality, speed, professionalism and most of all for a price that nobody can beat.
Thank you IntRE for all your hard work.

Jeancarlo Danies, P.A.,
Danies Real Estate Group
Love my new web site, it is elegant and very efficient! It was done as promised vising just several hours! Great customer service and support. Will recommend your company to all my colleges! Thank you Alex!

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