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When house hunting, 90 percent of buyers use the internet. In fact, 53 percent of buyers start their search online, according to an extensive report on real estate consumer trends conducted by Google and the National Association of Realtors.
More than ever, people head online when it comes to looking for homes and finding Realtors®. 86 percent of home buyers consider real estate websites the most useful source of information when buying a home. The very first step that 44 percent of home buyers make when house hunting is to look online.

Between 2008 and 2012, real estate-related searches increased by 253 percent. With so much opportunity online, realtors can’t afford to miss out on this valuable traffic; for professionals in real estate, SEO is more important than ever.

When it comes to capturing traffic for terms related to real estate, SEO efforts begin with local keyword targets on a personal website.

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Here’s how to optimize your real estate website:

Step 1: Target Local Keyword Phrases

Sixty-nine percent of home shoppers begin their research with a local keyword phrase, like “Miami realtor.”

Most realtors service multiple cities and regions. However, when you start your website, focus on the main city you do business in first. From there, build out silos that target other areas.

Optimize your website for search terms such as:

  • [City] real estate
  • [City] homes for sale
  • [City] real estate listings
  • [City] realtor
  • [City] real estate agent

These words can appear on pages throughout your site. For example, a site focusing on just Miami realty might be organized like this:

  • Miami Homes for Sale
  • Living in Miami
  • Miami Real Estate Testimonials
  • About Your Miami Realtor

Throughout these pages, incorporate the local keyword targets, working them into content that is useful to a prospective home buyer.

Clay explained that you should make your website a resource. On a page like “Living in Miami,” provide information on school districts, crime rates, median income, public transportation, and statistics on the average homeowner.

The more targeted a real estate website can be the better

Really focus on capturing local traffic. You have a much better chance to rank for, let’s say, “Miami realtor” than “South Florida realtor” — as you build your site and traffic, you can eventually target more competitive terms like “South Florida realtor,” but not right out of the gate. You’ll have more success if you take a more targeted approach.

It’s just a first step to make your website better.
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