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Get ADA Accessibility Compliance Widget

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lawsuits have increased in the past few years, and they’ll likely continue to do so. In 2019 federally-filed ADA suits were occurring at the rate of one suit for every working hour.
Maintaining ADA compliance is essential for businesses of all sizes. It ensures that you’re connecting with every potential customer. It also keeps you out of the court system, which could cost fines, penalties, and hefty attorney fees. This is something that every business owner should take seriously.

Please view the short video with NAR recommendation.

We did our best to protect you and created an ADA compliance widget which will help your website visitors with disabilities to receive all the information from your website.
IntRE’s ADA accessibility widget instantly makes your real estate IntRE website compliant with WCAG 2.1, ADA, and Section 508.

Make your order today and we’ll install it on your website.
Please pay your attention that it can be used for the basic IntRE version. We do not guarantee that it works for websites that have been customized or software from third parties has been installed on them.

$99.90 – one-time payment
ADA Accessibility Widget
with professional installation

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A website visitor can:

  • use text to speech synthesis;
  • use keyboard navigation
  • change color contrast;
  • stop animations, gifs, etc.;
  • navigate through the website using links, headers;
  • increase font-size, font-weight;
  • increase letters spacing;
  • increase words spacing;
  • increase line-height;
  • change the cursor;
  • change the colors – grayscale, invert colors, invert images, etc.;
  • quick navigation through the website pages.